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The Northumberland Moth Group, is a group of amateurs devoted to the study & recording of the lepidoptera in Northumberland. To join our group click here

1349 different species of moths have been recorded in Northumberland and new species are being discovered every year. For new species so far in 2020 click here.

This site provides access to the county database which holds 556485 records and the associated maps and foodplants for each species.

The earliest record in the database is for a Puss Moth recorded in June 1761 by The Reverend John Wallis at Simonburn, Northumberland.

If you have found a moth and want to know what it is then please click here to submit a record.

If you would like to learn how to catch moths in your garden then please click here.

Good quality photographs of adults, larvae or leaf mines of species not yet featured on this site are most welcome

Regards, Tom Tams
County Moth Recorder

70.191 Manchester Treble-bar Carsia sororiata

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