Moth Sites

UK Moths - An identification site, illustrating the vast majority of the UK's moth fauna

UK Lepidoptera - An identification site, illustrating the vast majority of the UK's moth fauna

Atropos - The journal for butterfly, moth and dragonfly enthusiasts

British Leafminers - The National Leafmining Lepidoptera Scheme

UK fly mines - The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

The Garden Moth Scheme - Recording moths in gardens

UKLeps - Eggs, Larvae, Pupae and Adult Butterflies and Moths

Butterfly Conservation - North East England Branch of Butterfly Conservation

Moth Distribution Maps - Online maps

Gelechiid Recording Scheme - UK Recording Scheme

Lepiforum. de - German Moth Site

Lepidoptera of Belgium

Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa - Italian Website

Svenska fjÀrilar - Swedish Moth Site

Lepidoptera Dissection Group - Images of British and European moth preparations

County Moth Recorders

Lepidopterist Supplies

Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies - Moth Traps and Entomological Equipment

Paul Batty - Moth Traps and Electrical Supplies


Mapmate - Biological recording and mapping software

Other Sites of Interest

Tony Collinson - Diy robinson moth trap

Tony Davis - microleps

The Orthosia Enthusiast

Other County moth groups

Argyll Moth Recording Group
Bedfordshire Moth Group
Berkshire Moth Group
Cheshire Moth Group
Clevedon Moth Group
Cornwall Moth Group
Derbyshire and Nottingham Entomological Society
Devon Moth Group
Dorset Moth Group
Dumfries and Galloway Moths
Essex Field Club
Glamorgan Moth Recording Group
Hampshire Moth Group
Hertfordshire Moth Group
Kent Moth Group
Lancashire Moth Group
Montgomeryshire Moth Group
Moths Ireland Project
Norfolk Moths
Northamptonshire Moth Group
Northamptonshire Moth Group Micros
Offwell Moth Group
Pembrokeshire Lepidoptera
Pembrokeshire Moths
Scottish Moths internet discussion group
Shropshire Moth Group
Somerset Moth Group
Staffordshire Moth Group
Suffolk Moth Group
Sussex Moth Group
West Midlands Moth Group
Yorkshire Moths