This policy concerns the collection, use and sharing of records by the Northumberland Moth Recording Scheme
(NMRS). We believe that everyone involved in the transmission of a record, from the field observation to the end user, should be aware of, understand and agree with the following terms and conditions that govern the collation and dissemination of NMRS data.

This data policy may be subject to revision at any time in the future after due consultation. Please review the latest version
of this policy regularly.

First principles

  • The NMRS aims to maximise the use of records and data to promote understanding, recording and conservation of moths and their habitats. NMRS records will be made available in a controlled and managed way to fulfil this aim.

  • The NMRS needs permission to use records received from recorders.

  • All recorders supplying records to the NMRS, typically via the County Moth Recorder, will be considered to have granted permission for the NMRS to use the records as outlined in this policy.

  • Nevertheless, recorders will retain ownership of their records and, of course, are free to use them as they wish. The NMRS will own the database and use it in accordance with this policy.

  • It is impractical to obtain permission individually from every recorder (especially for historical records) or to have different criteria governing access to records from individual recorders.

  • The NMRS will promote this data policy widely so that recorders can make an informed choice about submitting records.
Some specifics

  • Use of NMRS data. Records will be used to provide feedback to moth recorders and to stimulate further recording, as well as to inform conservation decision-making, the planning system, research, education, policy development, increasing public awareness and other uses in line with the stated aims of the NMRS.

  • Use of Images. All images on the web site are the exclusive copyright of their respective owners. Each photograph is credited with the owner's details beneath the photo. Permission to use any photographs must be sought from the copyright holder themselves.

  • Sharing NMRS data. Summary distribution information (at 2km x 2km grid square resolution) will be made openly and freely available to the public through maps on the web site. This is to provide feedback and information to moth recorders and to support not-for-profit decision-making, education, research and other public-benefit purposes.

  • Restrictions. NMRS reserve the right to refuse requests for data. Access to data may be restricted if making data available increases the risk of damage to moth populations and habitats or undermines in any way the collation of volunteered records through the NMRS. Records of an agreed list of species (shown in Appendix 1) are considered to be sensitive and will not be made openly available.

  • Personal details. Personal data (e.g. the recorder’s name and address) will be managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and/or subsequent legal provisions. Recorder address and contact details will not be available to the general public, but may be provided to third parties as part of data requests. You are considered to have granted permission for the NMRS to publish your name on the web site or newsletter unless otherwise informed. Contact details will not be passed on without the permission of the person concerned. Data users will be encouraged to acknowledge recorders.

Appendix 1

Sensitive Northumberand moth species

Records of the following species are currently considered sensitive, although the list will be regularly reviewed by the Northumberland Moth Recording Scheme:

Bedstraw Hawk-moth (Hyles gallii) (Larval records)

Version date 14/09/2010